Vancouver Island

Oncology Conference

May 8-9, 2020



The VI Oncology planning committee’s objectives include gathering the cancer health care practitioners of Vancouver Island for a productive annual meeting. It is our hope that participants will benefit from the expert direction of our chairs, Drs Geller and Livergant, during presentations and interactive sessions aimed at addressing the many aspects of value, including costs of therapy, benefits of a multidisciplinary team and patient perspectives. Patients and their families will benefit from this meeting as it brings together key stakeholders to improve the quality and efficiency of the care we deliver.


Dear Colleagues,

The oncology community here on Vancouver Island works hard to provide quality care to our patients.

Once a year we will gather in Victoria to share insight, acquire knowledge, and to create a better future for our patients.

We are blessed in having a strong community of dedicated and talented health care professionals.

This important event brings us all together for two days on May 8 & 9, 2020.

Please join us!

John Paul McGhie, MD

Left-Right: Dr. Georgia Geller, Dr. Jonathan Livergant, Ms. Sanna Pellatt,
Dr. JP McGhie, Ms. Senz Hamilton